ABC Massage Therapy Services

Prenatal Massage


Massage therapy is safe for all 40 weeks of pregnancy.  Positioning will be based on your comfort level, often using the side-lying pillowed position.  Massage can help with upper body pain, breast tenderness, lower back, sciatic and hip pain, and leg and foot pain.  


Infant / Mom & Baby Massage


Massage for your little one!  Great for colic, sleep, digestive, latching issues, and more.  Massage for postpartum period helps with PPD, lactation, sleep, and muscular issues.

 ***Infants will be billed under our children and youth rate.

Massage for Active Teens


We encourage our youth to be active, but coupled with cellphone use, it can take a toll on their muscles and skeleton.  Massage can help alleviate pain from sports, studying, and everything in between!

***We have a discounted rate for children and youth.

Massage for the Active Person


Massage can help with sore muscles due to physical activity, be it exercising, repetitive work or activity, or one time bursts of movement.

Massage for the Office Worker


Massage is helpful for those who sit at a desk for most of the workday.  Sore upper back, shoulders, and headaches can be expected from desk work, and can be relieved with massage therapy.

Massage in Later Years


Massage pressure can be modified to help those of ripened ages.  It helps alleviate muscle pain, arthritis, to increase circulation, and more. Engaging conversation included!  Safe during chemo treatment.