*New Treatment Option Available

Chair Massage Now Available at ABC Massage Therapy!

Seated massage is now available for patients at ABC Massage Therapy.

Seated (Chair) massage is an ideal option for;

*headache treatments

*trigger point therapy

*those suffering from acid reflux who can not lay on their back

*focused treatment for upper back and shoulder issues

*pregnant or nursing mothers

*those who prefer to keep clothed

Chair massage is a very effective way for therapists to address the deeper muscles of the back. The full spine can be manipulated vertebrae by vertebrae to help relieve stress and tension.

To try a chair massage, book an appointment with Amanda Bauldry RMT and add 'chair' or 'seated' in the notes column.

**Chair massage is available for events.  Contact us for details for booking and pricing.


Chair massage now available at ABC Massage.

Chair massage now available at ABC Massage.